From Jill C

Christopher Gonzalez has gone out of his way time and again to answer all my questions, help me understand my options, and advise me on the best course of action. First, he facilitated my home loan, and he completely gained my trust at that point. Now he's continuing to impress by going out of his way to answer all my home renovation questions, refer me to appropriate contractors and contacts, and just listen to my needs in general-- he's like a good friend. He instills a sense of confidence and ease in every situation. Capable and thoroughly dependable.... I cannot recommend him highly enough.

From Mona

Chris and his team are outstanding people. They understand the needs of their clients, and they provide answers to questions and concerns in a very timely manner. Although we worked with Chris more than two years ago, we continue to keep in touch, and we consider him a friend. He is very sincere, very professional, and a true gentleman.

From Eric

My wife and I found ourselves in an unusual position with a rental property that was once our primary residence. We left the house when I took a job out of state and we were unable to sell due to property values falling due to the recession. When looking to refi the house, I contacted Chris just to see if it was a good idea to refi and if it was a good idea, what needed to be done to do so.

I was expecting a quick yes or no and what we would need to do to refi but what I got was an in-depth analysis of what the best route moving forward would be based on a breakdown of the economy, property value trends, mortgage rate trends, and all the other factors driving the housing market.

Chris knows his stuff and is honest about it. I would consider him to be an expert and not a salesman. I would highly recommend talking to him about exploring your lending options.

From Sandra

Christopher and his staff where amazing to work with and they made the whole buying a home experience easy. I have highly recommended them to all our friends and family.

Chris Gonzalez
Mortgage Advisor
NMLS #669924

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What to Expect working with my Team

  • Pre-Qualify with Confidence!

    Our number one goal is to be a reliable source of information, so you can make reasonable and confident decisions when buying your home. The qualification process can be a headache without the right people. Our team works diligently to put all your concerns at ease to help you purchase your home.

  • Sellers’ Market? Losing Offers? Let us HELP

    We are mortgage professionals and understand the local market trends. It can be tough to negotiate a purchase contract in a sellers’ market when you don’t have the right partners. Our team works with seasoned Realtors to help you negotiate and WIN offers up against multiple Buyers. We can achieve this by offering 20-day closings and instilling confidence with the Selling Realtor. When you do your part to pre-qualify upfront, we do ours by helping you WIN your offer.

  • Transparency, No Hidden Gimmicks

    The best thing about working with our team is the transparency and constant communication throughout the pre-qualification and mortgage process. We don’t hide anything and are not afraid to recommend outcomes that result in a better experience. My team and I are approachable and willing to answer all your questions. We say “happy to help” for a reason.

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4 Reasons to Own your Home

Build equity and grow your money

The most common complaint when renting is, “I pay my landlord’s mortgage payment and pay nothing to myself”. Renting has its purpose, but the cost of renting will rise every year. Rather, when you own, your fix your housing expense AND build equity on the overall value of the home over time. Everyone needs a place to live. You should own that value for future use such as paying off debt, send a child to college, or possibly start a business.

Owning a home is cheaper than renting

Consider when you rent, you are losing money at every move. There are security deposits (which you may or may not get back), pet deposits, non-refundable fees, moving expenses, and almost always expenses for new furniture. When you own your home, it becomes YOURS and you can do what you want without the worry of losing your deposit. Each time you move, you lose $1500 - $5000 just on expenses alone. Move one time, and let the house pay for itself with the equity you build.

Lock your monthly expenses

When you purchase a home with a fixed-rate mortgage, you lock your monthly principle and interest payments for a specified term of 15 or 30 years. Property taxes & homeowner’s insurance may fluctuate, but the bulk of your housing payment is fixed. Imagine when you want to renew your lease and the landlord charges an additional $200 to renew. Over several years, that increase adds up and will eventually force you to move, beginning the cycle all over again of moving.

A place to call truly Home

Financial benefits aside, owning a home gives a sense of pride and fulfillment for things we provide for our families. Watching our children grow up in a neighborhood and making friends or meeting new people and becoming active in a community are just some of the things that come with owning a home. There is a sense of security for the things that matter most and our relationships expand and grow for the better.

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Closing Costs Reviewed

What are considered closing & settlement costs? 

Lender Fees

These are costs that can include some form of origination or processing fees. They pay for the bank to work on a loan file. Included will be any discount points being used to buy down the interest rate along with the appraisal fee.

Reserves/Escrow Account

Most loans have an “Escrow Account” which collects and holds funds on your behalf to pay for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance premiums when they come due. Not all loans require an escrow account, but the borrower is responsible for paying their property taxes and homeowner’s insurance on time. A special agreement is signed at closing for an escrow account and pro-rated amounts are collected to ensure enough is available by the time these payments are due.

Title Fees

These are fees associated with completing the purchase of your home. Title is often where the Buyers and Sellers sign all the final closing documents to transfer ownership. Title acts as a disinterested third party in the process. They charge to process the final phase of the buying process and disburse closing proceeds accordingly.

Government Fees

In Arizona, typically this fee is a recording fee with the County.

Pre-Paid Items

Every mortgage transaction requires pre-payment of certain costs depending on your loan set up. You will pay pro-rated interest upfront for the loan and your first year of homeowner’s insurance. In addition, if paying upfront mortgage insurance or a funding fee (VA & USDA loans), those costs apply here.


If buying a home with a Homeowner’s Association or including a Home Warranty in the purchase of your home, you will include those costs here. This is anything extra that you are purchasing in conjunction with the mortgage loan that must be paid at settlement.