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Becoming a Loan Officer


Why I went into Mortgage Lending

The Idea

If my kids grow up saying they want to be a Loan Officer, it wouldn’t surprise me.  But if I told my parents that growing up, they would have said, “get a real job”.  Truth is, it’s definitely a real job in today’s market.  The days of predatory lending are behind us since regulations caught up with much of the shenanigans.  Loan Officers must be innovative in their businesses.  An entrepreneur mindset is required because there is no handbook for how to do this job.  But, it offers the potential for a great income and exceptional lifestyle to support my family.

The Decision

I didn’t wake up one day saying I wanted to be a Loan Officer.  It was 2012, and I was fed up with my 8-6 corporate job and the meager salary.  For a lot of people, this is the American Dream, but for me, it felt like a prison.  I was constantly being told what to do and despite my service and sales numbers being exceptional, it was never good enough.  I didn’t feel fulfilled or like I was making any sort of impact that my family could appreciate.  That’s when I had had enough and spoke to a former co-worker about the mortgage business.

Admittedly, I feared the commission only world where truly everything is on you to perform and provide for your family.  I didn’t want to fail and walk away with my tail between my legs.  My wife and I wanted to start a family and we agreed a change in careers then was much better than doing it with kids when she was not working.  It was a tough decision to leave that security of a pay check.  The question that I asked myself, which motivated me to make the move was, “Will I regret this decision in 3 years”?  The answer was a firm yes.

My “yes” answer came with optimism for what my wife and I wanted our future to look like.  We both knew we wanted more freedom from work to raise our family.  This meant having the ability to work my own hours, take time off when needed for school functions, doctor appointments, and vacations without having to get “approval” from anyone.  It also meant choosing who I wanted to work with and how I could generate new business.

The Results

Working in the mortgage industry is having a business within a business.  Some companies allow you to be autonomous while others stick to a strict routine.  What I soon learned was I worked twice the hours and sometimes went without a paycheck for up to 3 months.  That was tough.  But, it was worth it looking back.  Growth is never easy.

Fast forward to 2018, and I am happily still in the mortgage business working as a loan officer.  I’ve developed some close friendships and grown a lot closer to my faith in God and my wife.  It honestly couldn’t have been done without prayer and support during the tough times.  We sold our house, early on, to keep our ambitions alive.

My daughter is almost 5 years old now and this year was this first time I experienced what it was like to say, “I need to leave early because my Daughter is picking pumpkins at school”.  It was surreal in that moment to remember why I made the decision to get into this business.  Ultimately, I can only hope my family and kids realize why I do what I do.  It’s for them.

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