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Should I stay or Should I Go

By Chris Gonzalez | October 19, 2018

If you’re like me, you maybe heard the song “Should I stay or Should I Go” from the Netflix series Stranger Things and felt cool reflecting 1980’s nostalgia.  It can feel like late 2000’s nostalgia with the housing market; home values and interest rates are on the rise with a looming recession in a year […]

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Homebot: Mortgage Reports Just for You

By Chris Gonzalez | October 10, 2018

Tech meets Mortgages It’s no secret that people are turning to their smartphones and technology to guide them with information and decisions.  The Real Estate industry is littered with technology to give you the most updated data feeds on the housing market and your home’s value.  But what about technology tailored for your actual mortgage […]

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Part 1 of 2 – Intro to Renovation Loans

By Chris Gonzalez | September 20, 2018

Still searching for a home?  Try this instead Buy any home and renovate it before you move in In a Seller’s market, inventory of homes for sale is low with the demand for housing high.  Buyers often find themselves taking a long time to find their perfect home and most of the time, settle on […]

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Housing is Strong going into 2019

By Chris Gonzalez | August 29, 2018

A recent headline in California suggested that home purchases are slowing down and values are expected to crumble soon.  You can read the article here.  This quite simply is not true and while California has been a predictor for the housing markets in the past, there are new regulations and conditions which determine the strength […]

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10% Down NO PMI

By Chris Gonzalez | August 14, 2018

Low Maintenance Solution No PMI with 10% down The “Low Maintenance” solution to mortgage planning A lot of loan officers shy away from complex ways to truly give a client the benefit of better terms for the long haul.  Setting up a home loan for someone is an art and looking at a Client’s long […]

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6 Reasons to Buy a Home

By Chris Gonzalez | July 26, 2018

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Homebuying 2018 6 reasons to buy a home   Given that the past 10 years, since the recession, we’ve been accustomed to a strong demand for housing with historically low rates, one can’t help but question home values and interest rates now that we’ve entered a Seller’s Market.  Here are […]

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Notice Higher Rates?

By Chris Gonzalez | July 19, 2018

Interest Rate Shopping 4 things you should know Mortgage interest rates have gone up since last year and many people are wondering where to get the best deals. We’ve been accustomed to rates in the high 3’s and low 4’s for 10 years. It’s no wonder people are shopping everywhere for the best deal. This […]

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Sponsoring Local Events – My Story

By Chris Gonzalez | July 11, 2018

Local Business Owner?  Looking for Sponsorship Opportunities? Here is my story co-sponsoring last year’s Charity Cornhole Tournament All Western Mortgage and I are once again proud to be sponsors in the annual Charity Picnic that follows the Daisy Mountain Veteran’s parade in Anthem, AZ.  Last year, I was privileged to both sponsor and announce the […]

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Becoming a Loan Officer

By Chris Gonzalez | July 6, 2018

Why I went into Mortgage Lending The Idea If my kids grow up saying they want to be a Loan Officer, it wouldn’t surprise me.  But if I told my parents that growing up, they would have said, “get a real job”.  Truth is, it’s definitely a real job in today’s market.  The days of […]

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Self Employed Borrowers – Income Qualifying

By Chris Gonzalez | June 7, 2018

Income Qualifying Self Employed Borrowers Self Employed or Variable income? Here is what you need to know for home loans Picture this scenario: You decide it is time to buy a home. Your income comes from your small business and you file your taxes every year. You speak with a lender and they say, “I’m […]

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